Shmuel is the author of the book: Chopsticks Acupuncture (Trafford Publishing, B.C. Canada). In this book he presents an amazing self-treatment technique for the lay/professional person, developed after years of experience. You may read more about it here. 

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Shmuel Halevi  has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1980. He studied both in the U.S.A and Taiwan, and obtained his Ph.D. degree in the U.S.A. Most of his articles appearing on this web page, were initially published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine in England.

Shmuel  has also contributed a case history study to the book:

"Acupuncture In Practice " (Case history insights from the west - compiled by Ted Kaptchuk  and  Hugh MacPherson,  Churchill Livingstone 1997).

Shmuel  practices in north Israel, in western Galilee.


 Gangrenous diabetic abscess on the foot

A patient suffering from a gangrenous diabetic abscess, was saved from foot amputation by acupuncture (including images).

For practitioners & students

Comprehensive, detailed and excellent web-based database of acu-points. For students & practitioners. With extensive lists of symptoms and point combinations.

Detailed route sketches & points 

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Tumors of the vocal cords

A patient recovered from benign tumors on the vocal cords by acupuncture. He was also treated for glaucoma.

Sexuality in Chinese medicine

A case of severe vaginal pain during intercourse - dyspareunia - treatment analysis with some highlights of Chinese medical thought about sexuality.

Ulcerative colitis

U.C. and Crohn disease respond extremely well to acupuncture. Here is one case.

 Tropical acne   

Was published in the book: Acupuncture in Practice (1997). A case history of a stubborn, prolonged case of tropical acne, treated with success by acupuncture.

Acupuncture points database software for the IPhone and iPad and some other medical databases for the  IPhone and iPad    




(For a variety of health problems: allergies and sinusitis, colds and flu, low back pain, urinary diseases, gouty arthritis, turning your fetus to the right position, diarrhea... and more)

Eye disease (hemorrhage)

part I

Eyesight restored to a blind patient, after a severe hemorrhagic accident in the fundus of his eye.

   Eye disease (hemorrhage)

part II

Some other cases treated for the same problem, clinical data and differentiation of syndromes.



Detailed tables according to the classical groupings of points.


Eye Disease - Severe Damage to the 3rd Cranial Nerve

Proper functioning restored to a patient's 3rd cranial nerve and optic nerve after a minor c.v.a. and a following concussion.  

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Classical Point Combinations

Thesis & dissertation (1990)


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A severe case of allergic reaction to Omega III fatty acids

The detailed treatment of this case including images.


Brain cancer 

A difficult case of brain (stem) cancer treated by acupuncture. Case analysis.



מאמרים בשפה העברית

 Articles in Hebrew 


C.V.A. and Hemiplegia Treatment

A 25 years old woman with half-sided body paralysis resulting from the contraceptive pill. Case analysis.


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Stylized Metal Guiding Tubes for

Acupuncture Needle Insertion

Acu-Points Database and

Vitamins & Minerals

D.b. on your IPhone.

Purine and PH level in foods

database on your IPhone. Especially for GOUT sufferers



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